Serious Study

People often ask me (amazingly almost always Christians) how and why I invest so much energy, time and resources into researching, teaching and sharing the Word of God?

As if a Christian who takes a little more than a casual interest in the Bible is too odd and taking what it means to be a Christian too seriously! I readily admit I am not as well versed and studious as I should be but

  • Are not Christians to crave the word of God so they can grow and mature (I Peter 2:2, 3)?
  • Are not Christians to handle God’s word accurately, correctly and reverently with a deep passion to please God (II Timothy 2:15)?
  • Are not Christians to work with God to make other lifelong students of the Word (Matthew 28:18 – 20; John 1:1 – 18; I Corinthians 3:5 – 9)?

People are perishing and will be condemned because they refuse to love the truth (II Thessalonians 2). How can you love the truth and obey the truth if you don’t know the truth? Doesn’t God demand first priority (Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14; Matthew 6:19 – 34; Matthew 16:24 – 27; Matthew 22:34 – 40; etc.)?

Serious study of the Word of God is more than a mechanical reading of words; even more than devotional readings. It is a planned, organized, reverent, concentrated examination of the Scripture for the purposes of understanding the text, relating the message of the text to other Biblical texts and making a personal application of the Scripture to all realms of ones’ private and public life (Luke 11:28).

Here is a brief outline of the type of content I will post in this open Bible study (which is actually a family of 3 different blogs with the same overall purpose)…

In this blog (Refresh My Heart In Christ – Bible Questions & Lessons), I will post (1) questions and Bible answers that were previously submitted by readers and (2) select Bible lessons from my books (Work Out Your Salvation, Fuel Your Faith, Explore Your Bible and Sanctify Your Sex).

As a continuation of the book Sanctify Your Sex, I expanded my thoughts and perspectives on Christianity and homosexuality in a second blog (SameSexAttractions).

My third blog (Refresh My Heart In Christ – Bible Study) is dedicated to off-the-wall and analytical Bible study and application questions. Some are comical; others are very personal. But my goal is to make them all relevent and insightful. A unique feature of this blog is I am presenting the Bible text in chronological order.


Share and Discuss. Comments are welcomed!

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