Handle With Extreme Care


When the religious and moral authorities questioned Jesus, He challenged them by asking if they had even read the Scriptures (Matthew 12:1 – 8; 19:3 – 6; 21:14 – 16; 22:23 – 33; Mark 11:27 – 12:12). When we (like they) distort the word of God to suite our own ideas, opinions, prejudices and agendas, we are misusing (corrupting) the Scripture and inviting God’s judgment (Proverbs 30: 5, 6; II Peter 3:14 – 16; Revelation 22:18 – 20). Christ expects people to come to their conclusions based on the source of truth. And when we don’t, the results (including religious confusion and false teachings) are devastating.

In II Timothy 3:12 – 4:5, Paul forcibly reminds Timothy of the origin, power and purpose of Scripture. He wanted him to entrust the message of Christ (the Gospel) to qualified and reliable men who in turn could teach others (II Timothy 2:1, 2). Among the other things Paul warned him about: fighting about words (v 14), foolish arguments (v 23) and false knowledge (I Timothy 6:20, 21). As evidenced in I Timothy 1:3 – 11 and 6:3 – 5, the damage caused by false teachers and their false doctrine was a primary reason these two letters to Timothy were written.

As we become diligent students of the Bible, let us not forget to obey the word and share the love of God. Having spiritual knowledge and insight are important but it is of no worth without knowing Christ and being spiritually transformed (John 5:36 – 47).

Correct and accurate handling of the word of truth can’t be emphasized enough. God expects and deserves the best of our efforts (II Timothy 2:15).


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