Family Expectations: Case Studies for Young People (Part 1 of 3)

The format I will use for these 3 posts is similar to the one I use for “Refresh My Heart In Christ – Bible Reading Plan & Study Blog”: a Scripture text and a series of open-ended questions.

Case Study #1: Arguing Over Relationships

Summary: Samson made a decision about a marriage that his parents did not approve of.

Scripture Text: Judges 14


1. It was lust at first sight and Samson turned the arrangements over to his parents. Why did they object to his choice for a wife?

2. Samson took three matters into his own hands (lion, woman, honey) – each with consequences. How often do you take matters into your own hands? How can you tell if you’re “in the flesh” or empowered by God’s Spirit?

3. Like Samson’s wife, when have you used the tactic, “If you really loved me, you would _____________?”

4. What once seemed “right for you” but in hindsight proved to be more wrong than right? What would you do over, if you could? What good has God brought out of that occasion, after all? What comfort has He brought you in that?

5. As this chapter ends, can you hear Samson’s folks saying, “I told you so”? What would your parents have said? What do you hear Samson saying in his defense? What similar after-the-fact rationalizations do you use?

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