Family Expectations: Case Studies for Young People (Part 2 of 3)

The format I will use for these 3 posts is similar to the one I use for “Refresh My Heart In Christ – Bible Reading Plan & Study Blog”: a Scripture text, a series of open-ended questions and a poll question.

Case Study #2: Being Ridiculed

Summary: Jesus’ unbelieving brothers teased and dared Him to go to an important religious festival and “show off” the special abilities that could make Him a “celebrity”. Never mind the religious leaders vehemently opposed and wanted to kill Him.

Scripture Text: John 7:1 – 13


1. Were you ever dared by your brothers or sisters to do something dangerous? What happened?

2. Do you face any family opposition or ridicule because your faith? How do you deal with it? How does Jesus’ situation help?

3. Are you more likely to be cautious in sharing your faith with your family? Why?

Case Study #3: Being Misunderstood

Summary: Jesus’ family questioned His sanity and wanted to take custody of Him.

Scripture Text: Mark 3:20 – 35


1. What crazy stunt or notorious behavior from your high school days are your classmates likely to remember you by?

2. Why was Jesus’ family worried about Him? What type of conversation might they have had before deciding to “take charge of him”?

3. Have you ever experienced a conflict between what God wanted for you and what your family expected of you? What differences can you identify between the members of your biological family and your spiritual brothers and sisters?

4. How do you think God wants you to deal with the frustrations you feel toward your parents? What can you change? What can’t you change?

Answer the Poll Questions:


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