Lift A Soldier’s Spirits

Hello everyone. Whether it’s a fresh-faced kid straight out of boot camp or a seasoned veteran with a lifetime of experience, a common thread unites the hearts of our military men and women when the clouds of war close in. 

It’s their trust in God and the prayers that are lifted to Him that bring strength and peace in times of distress. Among the many great organizations devoted to military appreciation, I recently came across three resources that I wanted to share here. (click to open in a new window or tab)

Once there, click on the “Write Letter” and fill out the online form with some contact details and your message. The letters are distributed to overseas soldiers who don’t get regular mail from family and friends. Even though the organization is based in Utah, they depend on volunteers throughout the United States and across the world. (click to open in a new window or tab)

People who are called to active duty are often forced to put their pets in shelters or give them away. But there’s an online service called Net Pets that finds homes for soldiers’ cats, birds, dogs, horses and other creatures. You must be willing to care for the animal for up to one year. The pet’s owner will pay for food and other expenses. If you’re interested, check out their website link above. (click to open in a new window or tab)

Want to help service personnel (and their families) with medically related travel? You can donate your frequent-flyer miles to the Fisher House Foundation’s “Hero Miles” program, which provides free airline tickets to wounded, injured, and ill military men and women who are undergoing treatment at a military or VA medical center and to attend authorized events. 

To all who serve in every service branch of the United States Armed Forces (past and present) and your families, may God bless you and keep you.


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