Balaam and His Donkey (Numbers 22:21 – 41)

Because of my holiday travelling schedule, I am posting the most recent entry from my Bible study blog here on this site. If it’s the Lord’s will, I will return with another Q & A post later this week.


Scripture Text:

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Numbers 22:21 – 41



1. If you were to typecast your personality with that of an animal stereotype, which would fit you and why?


2. Why do you think God is angry with Balaam for leaving (verse 22), since just prior, He had told him to go and later repeats that command (verses 20, 35)?


3. How might this be explained by the interaction and insights of Balaam and his donkey?


4. What do you think God is trying to teach the opportunistic and spiritually blind Balaam through his loyal and spiritually alert donkey?


5. Are you more like Balaam or his donkey? How so?


6. When have you suddenly and stubbornly found yourself opposing God, much to your surprise? How did He point out your error?


7. How many run-ins with God’s angel or roadblocks did it take before He opened your eyes?


8. Do you think it is possible to always know God’s will every step of the way? Why or why not?


9. What are some ways we can attune ourselves to God’s will for us? Which of these will you begin incorporating into your life, now?


10. Judging from your prayer life, are you doing God’s bidding? Or is God constantly being asked to do yours?


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