10 Gifts Ideas For the Person Who Has Everything

(or 10 gift ideas most people would appreciate)

(1) A friendship ring or bracelet that uniquely symbolizes your relationship


(2) A heartfelt kiss that conveys your love


(3) A lingering hug that expresses your genuine affection


(4) A day off alone to do nothing OR a day off together (to have fun or rekindle your relationship)


(5) A surprise party (or reunion) with the special people in his/her life (or that extra-special person in attendance)


(6) A handwritten love letter


(7) A shared experience (such as sharing your special skill – teach him or her how to knit, plant a garden, bake a cake, fix a faucet, etc.)


(8) A home-cooked meal or two (one fresh; another one to freeze or stash away for the future) 


(9) An unexpected phone call to just say, “Hi, I’m thinking of you and I love you.”


(10) A treasured memento (or remembrance) that belongs (or belonged) to a living (or deceased) family member or friend


Share and Discuss. Comments are welcomed!

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