Truth and Consequences

Bible Lesson.

Today’s post (“Truth and Consequences”) can be used as the basis for a teen Bible study about character, integrity and personal responsibility.

Activity #1: Our Smallest Actions Affect Many

Consider the people you affected when your brushed your teeth this morning:

  • You brought income to the drug store and employees where your toothbrush and toothpaste were purchased
  • You brought income to the manufacturing plants and employees that produced these items
  • You brought income to those who supplied the raw materials for these items
  • You required the services of those who purified the water you used
  • You required the services of those who built the water purification plant
  • You required the services of those who installed and maintain plumbing
  • You slightly decreased the water pressure for all the people who wanted to use water the same time you were
  • Because you are preventing cavities, you’ve delayed a trip to the dentist office – which affects your dentist, the receptionist and the hygienist
  • You didn’t offend any of the people you’ve spoken to today with stinky breath

Choose one of these seemingly insignificant actions you may have taken during the past 2 or 3 days. List at least 8 people who were affected by your action. How were these people affected?

  1. You ate cereal
  2. You smiled at ______
  3. You watched TV
  4. You drove to school
  5. You used a computer
  6. You put on clean clothing


Activity #2: Achan’s Secret Sin (Joshua 6:18; 7:1 – 26)

To complete this activity, you must read the above Scripture text. You can click on it to open a new window or tab.

When Achan made his decision to disobey the Lord, he probably told himself three common lies. Those lies are listed below. Next to each lie, list facts from the Scripture reference above that expose that lie.

  • No One Will Ever Know:


  • This Won’t Hurt Anybody Else:


  • This Won’t Hurt Me:


Activity #3: Secret Sin and Consequences

Like Achan, we would like to believe that we are free to do whatever pleases us. We would like to think that as long as a decision is private, morality is irrelevant.

Below are four actions people usually engage in when they think no one is looking. List at least 3 negative personal consequences and 3 negative social consequences of each action:

  • Viewing pornography:


  • Shoplifting:


  • Substance abuse:


  • Cheating:


Activity #4: Personal Application

We can  see dangers to both people and society when we engage in such actions. Take a few minutes to consider your own life. Are you involved in an activity now that you know is wrong? How are you hurting yourself by doing this? How is your action harmful to others? How can you conquer this sin? Complete the following.

  • My secret temptation:


  • Why it hurts me:


  • Why it hurts others:


  • Steps I can take to conquer this temptation (or sin):



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