Take 10 Minutes To Reflect

Spiritual Encouragement / Bible Lesson

“The Scriptures say, “I believed, so I spoke.” Our faith is like that too. We believe, and so we speak. God raised the Lord Jesus from death, and we know that he will also raise us with Jesus. God will bring us together with you, and we will stand before him. All these things are for you. And so the grace of God is being given to more and more people. This will bring more and more thanks to God for his glory.

That is why we never give up. Our physical body is becoming older and weaker, but our spirit inside us is made new every day. We have small troubles for a while now, but these troubles are helping us gain an eternal glory. That eternal glory is much greater than our troubles. So we think about what we cannot see, not what we see. What we see lasts only a short time, and what we cannot see will last forever.”

– 2 Corinthians 4:13 – 18 (Easy To Read Version)


We need time to quietly reflect on our lives. So often we get busy and stay busy to avoid doing just that. The challenge of this short exercise is to view a personal problem or challenge from God’s perspective.

A situation in my life that depresses, concerns or frightens me is:



I see the following negatives in this situation:



God, however, may be able to help me use this situation in these ways:




Our Mighty Father, we have many hurts and struggles in our lives. Sometimes we wish You would take them all away. But we know that is not Your will. Sometimes we just wish we could be numbed with activity and diversions so that we will not feel them anymore. But we know that is also not what You desire.

We pause to look directly at our deepest fears and pain. It is not easy. But when we do, we see that You have a reason for our facing it. You may have something better on the other side of it.

We do not see our lives as You see them. We ask that during times like this You give us a deeper insight into Your plans for us. Help us to see with eyes of faith, not sight.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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