4 Modern Views of Religious Conversion

(4 Modern Views of Religious Conversion) Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.

Many people have ideas about religious conversion that differs from the New Testament pattern. Your objective of this lesson is to critique each of the views cited below. Refer to the Scripture verses listed to decide how that view differs from what is taught in the book of Acts.

View #1: Personal Decision

“Getting religion” is something that is quietly done between an individual and God. There is no need for ceremony or ritual. There is no need for anyone to tell me what to believe, or for me to tell someone else what I believe. It is a totally invisible and silent process. (Acts 8:12, 30, 31)


View #2: Good Is Good Enough

There are people who aren’t Christians who really do not need to be converted. They are already living good lives. They really do not need Jesus. (Acts 10:1 – 5)


View #3: A Matter Of Cultures

We need to share the gospel, but only with people within our own social group. We really can’t relate to people of other backgrounds. In fact, we probably don’t have a right to tell a person of another culture that our religion is better than his. (Acts 8:5, 26 – 29; Acts 10:34, 35)


View #4: Beyond Hope

Some people are beyond hope of salvation. It is a waste of time to even try to convert them. For example, when we try to convert a hardened criminal, we only put ourselves in danger of being used or even physically hurt. (Acts 9:1 – 19)



The examples in the Bible show us clearly that God desires everyone to learn of Him, believe, repent of their sins, confess faith in Christ, and be buried with Him in baptism. Have we been acting on the basis of false information about conversion? What do we need to do about it?

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