– Author Unknown

A father’s voice is good for calling kids home to supper,

reading the part of Papa Bear,

laying down the law,

fussing about the budget,

and for saying “I love you” to Mom.

dad 2

A father’s arms are good for throwing footballs,

baiting fishhooks,

repairing vacuum cleaners,

 swatting the dog with the newspaper,

waxing the car,

helping a neighbor,

opening ketchup jars,

moving furniture,

and hugging his children.

dad 3

Fathers drive cars,




bowling balls,

golf carts –

and their wives crazy by watching sports on TV.

dad 4

A father likes to growl sometimes about inflation,

missing buttons,

cereal on his chair,

bikes in the driveway,

the town council,

fancy casseroles,

the empty gas tank,

and candlelight dinners.

But his growl is usually worse than his bite.

dad 5

A father likes steak,

roast beef,

anything that goes “varoom”,

wrestling with his son,

the end of violin lessons,

wilderness vacations,

the dress that Mom wore on their honeymoon.

dad 6

The best time for Father is when, returning home from an outing, some member of the family says, “That was a super day, Dad! Thanks for taking us.”

dad 7

Being a father is a wonderful experience.

Being a good father is an even greater joy.

But being a Christian father who honors God by the way he cares for his family is the greatest joy of all.



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