The Courage of Elijah (1 Kings 18:15 – 40)

(The Courage of Elijah – 1 Kings 18:15 – 40) Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 18:15 – 40

His Moral Clarity:

1. Of what did Elijah and Ahab accuse each other (verses 17, 18a)? Do you think it’s normal for people to blame each other when problems arise? Give an example from your own experience of that happening?

2. Does the “blame game” solve problems? Why or why not? If not, what does?

3. Both Elijah and Ahab recognized that times were bad, yet only one recognized the cause. Who? Describe the root cause of the problem.

4. What do you think is meant by the term “moral clarity”? Explain how Elijah’s words demonstrated that he had moral clarity.

5. Does having a clear sense of right and wrong give someone courage to take a stand? Explain.

His Challenge to the People:

6. What was Elijah’s challenge to the people of Israel (verse 21)? Paraphrase it in as few words as possible.

7. Who do you think needs to hear this challenge today? Why?

8. Note the people’s first reaction to Elijah (verse 21b). Why do you think they reacted this way?

9. How did Elijah respond to their silence (verse 22 – 24)? What were some other approaches he could have taken? Why do you think he chose this one?

10. Compare the reaction of the people when Elijah chose to offer evidence for his faith (verse 24b) to their initial reaction to his words of judgment toward them (verse 21b). Can we effectively challenge someone else’s faith without being willing to challenge our own? Defend your answer.

His Confidence in God:

11. How did Elijah change the rules of the contest before he began (verses 33 – 35)?

12. Normally people change the rules of a contest to give themselves an unfair advantage. Contrast what Elijah did to that kind of behavior. What was the purpose of this bizarre change of rules (verses 36, 37)?

13. How would you have felt if you were in the audience when Elijah poured water on his own sacrifice?

14. How effective was this strategy (verses 38, 39)?

15. What is the relationship of confidence and courage?

16. Think of the most courageous person you know. In what is he or she confident?

17. Compare and contrast that confidence to the confidence of Elijah.



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