The Golden Calf (Exodus 32:1 – 33:6)

The Golden Calf (Exodus 32:1 – 33:6) Bible Lesson.

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 32:1 – 33:6


1. Recall when you worried excessively about your parents. Where were they? What kept them? How did you handle their unaccounted for absence?

2. What was the most defiant thing you ever did against your parents’ wishes – something you can laugh about now but perhaps wasn’t so funny at the time?

3. Why was the killing (verses 27 – 29) a “blessing” in disguise?

4. What does God’s provision of options, an angel, mediator and the plague say about the nature of God? His view of sin? Of the law?

5. If you are a parent, how do you react when your teenager makes you angry? In what way would you like to cope differently?

6. How can God “changing His mind” encourage you about situations that look hopeless? About the effects of your prayers?

7. How do you feel about Aaron’s behavior? Do you ever have trouble “fessing up” to your sin? Why?

8. When someone “lets you off the hook” (forgives a debt, withholds a penalty, gives a second chance), how do you feel about that person? When has that happened recently? Likewise, how does God want you to feel about His forgiveness?

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