It’s Your Decision: Anger Prevention and Conflict Resolution

(It’s Your Decision: Anger Prevention and Conflict Resolution) Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.

Anger Prevention:

God won’t force us to do things His way. But He does have principles that (when followed), will lead us to the rich, full life He has promised. Read each multiple choice statement and the corresponding verses. Choose God’s prescription regarding anger prevention.

Study: James 1:19, James 3:3 – 12 and Proverbs 18:13

1. Listening:

(a) should be avoided when possible

(b) is less important than stating my opinion

(c) if made a priority, can slow down my anger


Study James 1:20, 21; James 4:1 – 4 and Matthew 6:33

2. Anger can best be controlled by:

(a) always insisting on my way

(b) denying it

(c) recognizing and controlling my selfishness

(d) accepting the advice of the Bible

(e) both c and d


Study James 4:7 – 10

3. Submitting myself to God:

(a) is the coward’s way out

(b) can put me closer to God and further from Satan

(c) won’t work in the real world


Conflict Resolution:

When you face conflict. . .

  • do you avoid the problem by not talking about it? or admit there is a problem and begin to discuss it?
  • do you try to escape and not talk about the situation? or rationally try to figure out the cause of the conflict?
  • do you get frustrated unless you get your way? or work out a solution that’s best for everyone?
  • do you dominate the peace process by directing what should be done? or allow others to share their views and help devise a resolution?



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