God’s Promises (Romans 8:28 – 39)

God’s Promises (Romans 8:28 – 39) Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.

Scripture Text:

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Romans 8:28 – 39

Spend some time thanking God for the promises He made in Romans 8:28 – 39 that apply to you today.

God’s Path

God has a plan for our salvation. He takes us from where we are and will eventually make us complete in Heaven. Thank God for offering you this salvation through Jesus. Imagine what it will be like to be pure and perfect, standing before God in Heaven. Talk to God about your thoughts of Heaven.


God’s Provision

God didn’t just leave us here on earth alone to figure out for ourselves how to live this life. He promised to be with us and help us mature and grow as His followers. Praise God for wanting to be present and active in your daily life. Commit to Him areas where you haven’t given Him complete control.


God’s Protection

Finally, God promised to be our ultimate bodyguard, not allowing anyone or anything to stop His plans for us. No matter what happens to us, no matter who tries to bring us down, God will not leave us. How does that make you feel to know nothing can separate you from God? Tell Him about it right now.



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