Stop the Hate

(Stop the Hate) Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.


Nerd. Freak. Gay. Loser. Dummy. Chubby.

Comments like these are so common place that we might not realize how hurtful they can be. School isn’t a safe place for anybody’s self-esteem, but it’s even worse when you’re on the receiving end of such comments. You may not be able to stop others from being hateful, but you can choose to be an example and act like Jesus.

But I tell you to love your enemies and pray for anyone who mistreats you.”

– Matthew 5:44 (Contemporary English Version)


It isn’t right for us to persecute, tease, or hurt anybody. Jesus gave us some examples of how we should treat the unpopular people in our lives.

1. Do you know somebody who has a disability of some sort? Look at Luke 5:17 – 26 and Luke 6:6 – 10. Jesus loves people with disabilities. Show Jesus’ love by giving them a hand when they need it.

2. How do you treat people you don’t approve of (for whatever reason)? Look at Luke 7:36 – 50. Jesus loved the people the Pharisees didn’t approve of. He didn’t push them away as the Pharisees did. He showed them love in spite of what He knew about them. Try showing love to people whose actions you don’t condone.

3. Is it a terrible thing to be seen with a person labeled as “unpopular”? Do you dislike being too close to hurting people? Have a look at Luke 10:25 – 37. The story of the good Samaritan is a classic example of how we should treat people who have been hurt. Take a chance and reach out to a hurting person. It just might turn into something wonderful. No matter what, you’ll have tried, and that is important.

4. What about the rest of the people in your life who just aren’t good enough for some reason? Check out Luke 5:27 – 32. Jesus ate with some of the most unpopular people of His time. He spent time with them, got to know them, and loved them. Give the people you don’t like a second chance. Try looking at things from their perspective. Maybe then you can see why they act as they do, which will help you to know how to love them better.


Jesus loved people who were overlooked by others. Think about people in your life who are picked on, ignored or just generally having a rough time. Try looking out for them instead of looking the other way. Live your life so full of love so that Christ may shine through you and be glorified by what you do.



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