Using a Screen in Worship

(Using a Screen in Worship) Bible Question


“The church here recently installed a screen, on which Scriptures and the words of songs are projected. Is there scriptural proof that this is right or wrong? Some object and threaten to leave and go to church elsewhere.”


I wonder: does the church there have song books or copies of the Bible? There is just as much authority for putting the words of songs or the words of Scripture on a screen as to put those same words on paper and bind them into a book. Whether we use a book or a screen, the purpose is to get the words into the minds and hearts of the worshipers to assist them in their worship of God.

Many people object to the screen because they associate it (in their minds) with entertainment. And there is certainly a danger that the screen may be misused, as many other things can become such a danger. But that goes to the idea of HOW the screen is used, and not whether it is right to use it in a proper way.

The congregation where I worship uses a screen, and I find it extremely helpful. I don’t have to keep my head buried in a song book during the song service, but can keep my head up and read the words which are projected just behind the song leader. The Scriptures the preacher uses are from the New King James Version, and I follow the reading in my New American Standard Bible.

The sermon outline, part by part, is put on the screen – which helps everyone to understand and retain the sermon message. The screen is really just a tool, like a blackboard or a chart. It helps to convey the message to the audience.



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