What Would Jesus Do Now?

(What Would Jesus Do Now?) Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.

In the following situations, make two selections:

First, select the answer that best represents how YOU have handled similar situations in the past.

Second, select the answer that best represents how you think JESUS would have handled the situation.


1. Scott is one of the guys you often hang around with.

You find out from your girlfriend that he’s been trying to persuade her to go out him. He’s even told her lies about you to convince her that she should break off the relationship.

Possible Responses: (Hint – see Luke 22:48)

  • Wait for Scott after school and beat him up.
  • Avoid Scott whenever possible.
  • Confront Scott openly about his behavior and share your feelings of betrayal.
  • Tell all the other guys about what he had done and ostracize him from the group.


2. Your class is having a discussion about world religions.

You state your belief that it’s only through Jesus that people can have salvation. One of the other students says that such views are narrow-minded and bigoted.

Possible Responses: (Hint – see Matthew 5:11 and Luke 23:2)

  • You return the insult.
  • You point out that name calling is just one of the methods true bigots use to censure the exchange of ideas.
  • You whisper to one of your friends what a jerk that kid really is.
  • You rejoice that you have been persecuted for your belief in Jesus.


3. Your school has beaten its arch rival in a very close basketball game.

The other team feels cheated, and tempers are short. As you and your friends are leaving the game, a gang of guys from the other school surrounds you. At first, they just verbally harass you, but then they start shoving.

Possible Responses: (Hint – see Matthew 5:39)

  • These guys are twice your size. Run!
  • You threaten to retaliate if they don’t stop.
  • You throw the first punch.
  • You keep walking to your car and explain there’s not going to be a fight because you are not going to participate.


4. For the past three years, you and Donna have been the best of friends.

One afternoon you meet two great-looking guys from the university nearby. If fact, they seem almost too good to be true. When they suggest a double date that evening, you both readily accept. Then they explain that they have friends that will let them use their IDs to get into a local “hot spot” that night. Without hesitating, you refuse – thinking that Donna will do the same. She doesn’t! In fact, the three of them drive away, leaving you to call your parents for a ride home.

Possible Responses: (Hint – see Matthew 5:39)

  • You yell at Donna and accuse her of being a crummy friend.
  • You refuse to speak to Donna ever again. She’s just not the person you thought she was.
  • You call Donna’s parents and tell them what she’s up to.
  • You call Donna at home the next day and ask if the two of you are still friends.



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