Do They Know?

Do They Know? (i. e. How Openly Do We Share Our Faith?) – Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.

We proclaim our faith everyday through our behavior and speech. And those messages are powerful. But we also have special audiences and opportunities for which we are better suited to share our faith than any other person. Take a few minutes to read and answer these questions. They are meant to help you evaluate how openly you share your faith with others.

1. Does your closest friend know you are a Christian?

2. Is that friend a Christian?

3. Does your closest non-Christian friend know you are a Christian?

4. Do you have any non-Christian friends?

5. Would you be comfortable inviting your non-Christian friends to worship service? Bible study group? A church activity?

6. Does your family share your faith?

7. Can you discuss your faith with your family?

8. Do you discuss your faith with your family and friends?

9. Do you feel confident about answering questions about your faith?

10. Do you have a plan for finding the answers you don’t have? What is it?

11. Can you explain how your faith intersects with other aspects of your life? How it fits in at school? At work? In your spare time? With your family relationships? With your friendships? In your dating relationships?

12. Do you care enough about your friends and family to share your faith even if it means to disagree with them?

13. Do you believe that your own faith is strong enough to withstand tough questions and situations?



Share and Discuss. Comments are welcomed!

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