Close Christian Friends: A Rebus of Philemon

Close Christian Friends: A Rebus of Philemon – Bible Lesson. Teen Bible Lesson.

Note: If you’re using this post in a Bible class or a Bible study, you have my permission to print it as is.

Scripture Text:

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the book of Philemon


Christian friendship allows us to make bold demands out of mutual love. Christian friendship binds unlikely people together. Christian friendship supercede all other human relationships. These are just three principles (three characteristics) found in the book of Philemon.

A rebus is an allusional representation of words by simple drawings. Answer these 10 questions by using simple drawings or symbols.

1. Draw a picture of the writer of this book (verse 9)


2. Draw a picture of the writer’s face when he thinks about Philemon (verse 7)


3. Draw a symbol for a gift from God he wishes Philemon to have (verse 3)


4. Draw the building where Paul and Onesimus met (verse 10)


5. Draw a picture of Onesimus’ relationship to Philemon (verse 16)


6. Make a paper version of what Paul refers to Onesimus as being (verse 12)


7. Make a sign that shows how Paul wants Philemon to greet Onesimus (verse 17)


8. Draw a picture of what Paul offers to Philemon as reimbursement (verses 18 and 19)


9. Copy a picture from a dollar bill that symbolizes Paul’s hope for Philemon’s and Onesimus’ relationship


10. From Hebrews 10:24, draw a picture of a piece of cowboy attire that will help you remember to encourage others to love and good deeds.


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